I have lived in Brentwood for 49 years and have watched this sleepy village change, not always for the better, but I recognize that progress and growth is inevitable. What should not be inevitable are the changes in our beautiful hills and canyons. I did not expect the trucks and busses that are filling Bundy Canyon every hour and on the half hour. I miss the quiet mornings now filled with delivery trucks with their noise and exhaust, I miss people driving slowly and not making illegal left turns, I miss it feeling safe to take a walk on the these quiet streets even though we have no sidewalks. What I realize is that I need to step up and be counted before I discover more things to miss!

Bundy Canyon Resident – 49 years

I have lived on Chalon Road (off upper Bundy) for over 20 years. It’s been a treat to live on the edge of the wilderness, yet so close to all the services that Brentwood has to offer. We’re all experiencing increasing traffic and congestion. Let’s band together to address the particular concerns of our canyon and do what we can to make life better here. Bonus: let’s get to know our neighbors! What fun to meet the other locals and work together.

Bundy Canyon Resident – 20 years

I bought my first house in Brentwood in my 20’s then purchased my second home north of sunset with my husband a few years later. I felt safe living in a hometown type of community. But, now, I feel what brought me to the Westside is being degraded, slowly being chipped away. Not by those of us who live here, but by politicians, who are more focused on expansion than anything else. It’s quite sad, really. Enough is enough. That’s why I joined Bundy Canyon Assoc.

S Mih – 15 year Brentwood resident